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Welcome to the Tax-free Shop Kyushu Souvenirs Irohaya Dejima-Honten Store !

Welcome to the Tax-free Shop Kyushu Souvenirs Irohaya Dejima-Honten Store! Irohaya was founded back in the year 1853, and having traded for over 160 years is one of Nagasaki’s oldest stores. Irohaya provides an array of goods offering all the attractions of Kyushu, including Castella sponge cakes, Japanese confectionery and chocolate. Please feel free to come and browse as we have Chinese- and English-speaking staff on hand!

Food. Clothing. A complete range of all the best of goods only found in Kyushu is available. There are many items here that you will find only in Nagasaki! Ask our Chinese- or English-speaking staff about anything you want.

Food products priced 5,000 yen or more and other items priced 10,000 yen or more are all tax-free! Customers can pay with VISA cards, MASTER cards and all other major cards as well as by webchatpay and Alipay!

There is a great range of snacks that visitors can enjoy while travelling by car! In addition to the well-known wakame seaweed crackers, there is an array of other products including unusual delicacies, chocolate and much more! All of the products are to found only in Kyushu, making them enjoyable while on the move!


Suzakiya’s castella sponge cake

A variety of products from the splendid Kyushu and Nagasaki have been brought together! Most deserving of mention is Nagasaki’s most popular product, Suzakiya Castella sponge cake. The sponge cake is an unmissable delicacy that is made using only the eggs of silky fowl, which are unique to Nagasaki. The cakes are sold in limited numbers (and sales cease each day when sold out).

Wakame seaweed crackers

These traditional Japanese snacks use low-calorie, healthy Japanese seaweed. Great on the move or as an accompaniment to alcoholic beverages.

Ichiran ramen noodles

Ichiran ramen noodles are the most famous in Kyushu. Imagine being able to enjoy that pork broth taste in your own home! In Nagasaki City the noodles are available only in the Irohaya Dejima-Honten store.

Menbei crackers

Always holding down the top slot among souvenirs from Fukuoka Prefecture, Membei crackers come in the four flavors of plain, spicy, mayonnaise and onion, to which has been added the Nagasaki-only flavor of sea bream extracted from the dashi (soup stock) of the fish, and are on sale now!

Ago dashi

Dashi is an irreplaceable basic ingredient of Japanese cuisine, and the variety that Nagasaki is famed for is ago dashi. The dashi obtained from flying fish is out of this world! Nagasaki Prefecture’s most popular dashi is surely that made by the seafood producer Watanabe. As it is contained in a package all you have to do enjoy the flavor of Japanese cuisine is boil the packet in hot water and add a few drops of soy sauce to taste.

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